Roaming in the world of spatial audio and experiencing them within different scenarios

This is the Museum of Us project for Collab: Remaking the Museum Sp '22 at Parsons DT.



This is a 3D interactive environment for an immersive sound experience. 

Each station features a particular environment in our daily lives and with songs that we listen to when we are in that moment. 

Together, these songs and space reflect and represent who we are and what we love.



1. We have employed 3D spatial sounds to present the environmental sounds in each station- For example, airplane sound is used in Airplane Station. 

2. Each station features a Spotify playlist of songs that we feel related to the environment. Visitors can shuffle them using SPACE key. 

3. Each station features an automatically changing ambient lighting that fits the particular environment and emotions. 

4. Each station has shared user narratives and descriptions. It can be found either by looking up or forward (using mouse/camera angle)



- Recommend using mouse and headphones for the best result!

- W/A/S/D or arrows for player movement

- SPACE for jump over obstacles

- Use number key "1" to see instruction at any time, and "2" to close the panel

- Walk around and explore each music station!

- Fog will disappear after triggering each station. 

- Look up using mouse/camera angle to see narratives in each station!


Group members: 

Junru Xu: Player Movement, UX, Menu Design, Fog, Text, Media, Debug

Yunfei Song: Player Movement, UX, Rendering, Sound, General Debug

Ziwei Ji: Game Design, Assets, Sound, UX, Lighting, General Debug

Leah Xiaotong Wang: Game Design, Assets, Audio, GitRepo


External credits:

3D models/mesh from these studios/individuals listed below: 

Mehdi Rabiee, SpeedTutor, The Fallout Nerd, Alstra Infinite, Alex Merqury, Robot Skeleton, Hurly Burly, polyperfect, JustCreate, Synty Studios 

Album image credit to Olivia Rodrigo: Brutal and FKJ: Ylang Ylang

All scripts, effects, and UX are original.